Law Office of David N. Mark
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Central Building, Suite 500
810 Third Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98104
Telephone: (206) 340-1840
I have been practicing law since 1978.  I graduated magna cum laude (top 10%) from an Ivy League law school, Cornell Law School.

Since 1995, all of my work has been representing workers with wage claims, including off-the-clock work, unpaid overtime, Prevailing Wage claims, construction liens.  I have represented workers in 20 wage and hour class actions.  Several have been successful large class actions against some of the nation’s biggest companies – Taco Bell, IBP/Tyson, and UPS.  The IBP/Tyson class action went to the United States Supreme Court, where we established law that is helping workers across the United States.  Most have been relatively small, class sizes of 50 to 300 members who were truck drivers, parking valets, home health care workers, charter bus drivers, etc.

Presently, the bulk of my practice is representing low wage workers individually and in small groups.  I regularly represent construction workers with claims against their employers and lien claims against property owners.

[Warning to construction workersyou have a very short time to bring a lien claim against the building’s owner; get advice from somebody before your time runs out.

I also represent a broad range of low wage workers with wage and hour claims, including non-payment of overtime, off-the-clock work and meal and rest break claims.        

Wage and hour laws are very protective of workers.  If we win, the employer will have to pay your wages and my fees – this makes it possible for me to take small cases.  The State and Federal Court Judges in our area are extraordinarily fair and smart.  You are on a level playing field with the employer, where you will win or lose based on the strength of your claim.      

Feel free to contact me if you need some advice on your wage and hour claims.
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